Moot court

To help students learn to analyse legal issues, to teach them the practical side of  law and giving them the closest experience of advocacy.

Legal aid clinic

For law students legal aid clinics are an important way to teach analytical sills. The main purpose of the clinic is to provide better legal education to students and to provide access to justice in the community.

Court visits

  1. Supreme Court of India.
  2. Himachal Pradesh High Court.
  3. District Court.
  4. Consumer forum.
  5. Lok Adalats.

Educational Tours

Forensic lab visits jail visits. 

Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. Debating.
  2. Quiz Competitions. 
  3. Internship.
  4. Paper writing.
  5. Participating in  National and International conferences and seminars .
  6. Workshops