B.A. LL.B (5 Years)

B.A. LL.B (5 Years)

  B.A. LL.B. course is affiliated to H.P. University Shimla and approved by Bar Council of India in the year 2015. The Institute has been allotted 60 seats per semester for the course. The B.A. LL.B.  Course is total five years duration course. After 5 Year Students attain/ achieve, Law Degree Along with Bachelor of Arts Degree. 

 Plus two in Arts, Science and Commerce from a recognized board. Minimum marks criteria is 50% marks for General category and 45% marks SC/ST. (However the eligibility criteria for admission as per H.P. University norms.)

  1. B.A. LL.B Course has been splited over ten semesters.
  2. Collage  has Adopted the syllabus approved by H.P. University Summer Hill, Shimla.
  3. B.A. LL.B (Hon’s) 5 Years Integrated course syllabus.

First Semester

  1. English-I
  2. History-1
  3. Sociology-I
  4. Political Science-I
  5. Law of Torts, Motor Vehicle Act ,1998 & Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
  6. Family Law-1

Second Semester

  1. English-II
  2. History-II
  3. Sociology-II
  4. Political Science-II
  5. Law of Crimes-I
  6. Family Law-II

Third Semester

  1. History-III (Legal and Constitutional History of India)
  2. Economics-I
  3. Sociology-III
  4. Constitutional law-I
  5. Law of Contract-I
  6. Environmental Law.

Fourth Semester

  1. English-III (Legal Language)
  2. Economics-II
  3. Political Science- II
  4. Law of Contract-II
  5. Jurisprudence
  6. Constitutional Law-II

Fifth Semester

  1. Public Administration-I
  2. Psychology-I
  3. Economics-III
  4. Business Law
  5. Law of Crimes-II
  6. Company Law

Sixth Semester

  1. Public Administration-II
  2. Psychology-II
  3. Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act.
  4. Law of Evidence.
  5. Public International Law.
  6. Administrative Law & RTI

Seventh Semester

  1. Journalism and Mass Communication-I
  2. Labour Industrial Law -I
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Practical 1)
    1.   International Humanitarian and Refugee Law.
    2. International Criminal Law and ICC
    3. International Labour Organisation And Labour Laws.
    1. Woman and Law
    2. Election Law

Eighth Semester

  1. Journalism And Mass Communication-II.
  2. Interpretation of Statues
  3. Labour and Industrial Law -II
  4. Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System.(Practical-II)
    1. Intellectual Properties Rights
    2. Comparative Law
    1. Criminology
    2. Social-Economic attences

Ninth Semester

  1. Media & Law
  2. Property Law & Indian Easement Act, 1882.
  3. Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing (Practical-III)
  4. Equity, Trust & other Fiduciary Obligations.
    1. Human Right Law
    2. Health Care Law
    3. Law, Poverty & Development
    1. Corporate Governance
    2. Insurance Law

Tenth Semester

  1. Taxation Law
  2. Land Law
  3. Banking Law
  4. Moot Court Exercise & Internship (Practical -IV)
    1.  Capital Market Regulation
    2. Competition law.
    3. Law On Corporate Finance.
      1. International Trade Law
      2. International Organization
      3. Private International Law

LL.B (3 Years)

LL.B Course is a three year Course Split over six semester. The Institute has been allotted 60 Seats per semester for the course.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree In any Stream (B.A., B.Com., B.Sc)
  2. Established by law in India with at least 45% marks general and 40%  marks for SC/ST.
  3. In Service Candidates must apply through proper Channel  along with the certificate of leave from his employer for the  certificate (NOC) and other related documents, Such as appointment latter and leave certificate from the employer/ Competent authority must be submitted. (However) the eligibility criteria for admission as per H.P. University norms). 

First Semester

  1. Constitutional Law-1
  2. Law of Contract.
  3. Law of Torts
  4. Indian Penal Code, 1860
  5. Labour and Industrial Law.

Second Semester

  1. Constitutional Loan -II.
  2. Administrative Law.
  3. Cyber Law and Crime.
  4. Environmental Law.
  5. Family Law-I

Third Semester

  1. The Code of Criminal Procedure. 1973.
  2. Family Law-II.
  3. Processional Ethics.
  4. Public International Law.
  5. Jurisprudence.

Fourth Semester

  1. Law of Evidence
  2. Banking Law
  3. Intellectual Property Rights
  4. Interpretation of statutes
  5. Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR)

Fifth Semester

  1. Property Law Including Transfer of Property Act.
  2. Civil Procedure Code
  3. Company Law
  4. Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance

Sixth Semester

  1. Land Law
  2. Principals of Taxation Law/ Intl. Human Rights
  3. Criminology & Penology
  4. Moot Court (Practical Course)
Indian Institute of Legal Studies

Admission Procedure

The candidates who fulfill the prescribed eligibility for various courses are selected by admission committee of the institute purely on merit basis and interview conducted for the purpose. The applicants must bring their original mark sheets and relevant pass certificates along with attested photocopies of the same when coming for interview.


The students are required  to have at least 75% attendance in each courses. Shortage of attendance my be condoned by Principal fail. If Such Student has attendance at least 66% lectures in aggregate of all subjects.



Rules And Regulation

It is understood that any student who has taken admission in the institute has thoroughly read all relevant information contained in the prospectus and he is bound by the prevalent rules and regulations in the institute.
However no excuse will be acceptable from any student with regard to ignorance of their rules and regulations


  • Once admitted to the institute every student is bound by the disciplinary rule of the institute.
  • Principal is the authority to implement all rules and regulations as laid down & every student is expected to follow them.
  • Once admitted to the institute every student shall be liable to follow the rules laid out by disciplinary committee. Any decision taken by the said disciplinary committee with regard to his or her out of misconduct will be binding on every student
  • Every student has to fulfill the minimum attendance requirement in theory and practical classes as specified by the affiliating university i.e. HP University, Shimla.
  • No student will absent him or herself from any lectures without obtaining prior permission from the competent authority as notified from time to time.
  • In case of failure to attend the classes for seven or more days without permission the admission of the said student will stand cancelled.
  • Wearing of proper institute uniform and carrying the Identity card is compulsory. No student will be allowed access in the campus without uniform.

Academic Calendar

The academic session will commence from as per H.P.U Academics Schedules which is issued and uploaded on the H.P.U. Website in the beginning of each academic website. 

Subjects to change by H.P.U. time to time.

Dress Code

All students of B.A. LL.B (Hons) 5 years & LL.B 2 years shall observe the following dress code on all working days.

  1. Black Trousers, White Shirt, Black Tie, Black Coat, of single Brest With insignia of IILS Shimla, Black Shoes and Black Socks and Tied Hair for girls. 


  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the institute, all residents of hostel, in institute or public transport and in resident quarters of the students outside the institute premises.
  • Any student caught in act of ragging will be immediately rusticated from the institute and matter will be reported to the police for legal action as per law.